Galaxy Young: Ringing In the Good Times

Samsung, a premier provider of communication devices in India offers an array of smart phones along with various other electronic products. The company is known for its modern technology and multiple range products catering to every need of its most discerning users. The company has a dedicated line for smartphone devices known as ‘Galaxy’. Almost every year, the company offers a new smart phone under this product line. One such release by the company is a Samsung Galaxy Young Duos. The phone is powered with android operating system like all its predecessors and successors. Priced at mid-range, the phone comes with a lot of descent features as compared to its counterparts from other manufacturers.

What makes it a Go Getter?

1 GHz processor, 768 Mb RAM and on top of it 4 GB in built storage capacity is like a cherry on the cake. Although the phone has a comparatively small screen but that makes the phone very handy and pocket-friendly. The rear camera offers decent picture quality to preserve your memories in a click. For the beginners, the phone brings the smart phone experience in an average price range, offering value for money to its users. Being an android based phone, it also offers decent gaming experience to its young users and the sleek body is also a go getter. And the dual SIM feature is an added advantage especially for sale personnel, who have to keep up with their client calls even at the odd hours of the day. The two SIMs work simultaneously so that you may not miss even a single call which might be an important call for that matter.

You can buy Samsung Galaxy Young Duos from a nearby Samsung dealer or a whole sale mobile shop. Another way of buying the phone at all the more affordable rate is shopping from an ecommerce website. There are many ecommerce website available on the internet, most of which offer mobile phones at highly discounted rates. Buy yourself a new Galaxy Young today!


Achieve More with this Exceptional Technology: Samsung Galaxy Duos

Various advancements in the technological sphere have contributed in inventing some high-end electronic products in the market. Samsung is one of those brands that focus entirely on the needs of any individual so that they remain up-to-date in their daily lives. It has been able to introduce some extraordinary products that are now established to serve the basic requirements for everyone. Samsung products are generally east-to-use by people of every age group.

One of the most attractive qualities of Samsung is that it invents electronics that are exclusive and exceptional in every manner. People these days choose samsung over other brands because of its outstanding quality and smart features. Samsung smartphones are preferred by many who want to manage their personal and professional lives simultaneously.

Samsung Galaxy Duos range is built with a technology that enables a person to use two Sim cards at the same time. This feature has helped people to differentiate between their personal and official contacts. Due to its smart capability of handling every contact, this range of Samsung has managed to capture everyone’s attention instantly. Here are the specifications of some Samsung Galaxy Duos smartphones

Galaxy Ace NXT

  • Built with 4.00-inch and 480×100 display powered by 1.2GHz processor
  • It has 512MB RAM and 3-megapixel of rear camera
  • Contains enhanced storage and battery capacity
  • S voice feature enables you to interact with the phone
  • Its innovative Smart stay feature grabs sense whenever you are looking at the phone
  • Design and HD quality enhances the overall viewing experience
  • Built with a compact design and a dual core outstanding processor
  • High resolution camera and fast memory enables to click more pictures
  • Synchronization feature lets you enjoy every task on any other screen as it happens

Galaxy S3 Neo

  • S voice feature enables you to interact with the phone
  • Its innovative Smart stay feature grabs sense whenever you are looking at the phone
  • Design and HD quality enhances the overall viewing experience

Galaxy S4 Mini Duos

These smartphones are dual Sim and also provide these extraordinary benefits. Clear picture quality and enhanced display makes every task enjoyable. Therefore, buying a Samsung Duos phone is a smart decision. Although, there are many other evolving brands that provide unique features and amazing picture quality, but once you start using Samsung you will be surely able to calculate the difference.  This brand has definitely made people’s life easier and convenient with the help of a wonderful technology that captures all the best moments of anyone’s life instantly. All the tasks becomes manageable through Samsung smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy Ace: Have and Ultimate and Handy Smartphone

Samsung being one of the most famous and well-reputed manufacturers of electronic items has managed to invent new and innovative products on a regular basis. People prefer Samsung due to its high class quality and some striking features. Samsung products are preferred by many these days due to the durability factor it possesses.  A large variety of Samsung products are also affordable and do not make a hole in your pocket whatsoever.

Therefore, choosing Samsung over others is undoubtedly one of the smartest decisions one can make. Especially the cell phones being introduced by Samsung are equipped with the latest technology networks and all the updated features that are essential in a smartphone and Samsung Galaxy Ace is one of them.


Key Features of Samsung Galaxy Ace

  • The latest Galaxy Ace 3 is built with a dual sim facility that enables a wider connectivity
  • Stranslator and Stravel offers instant translation and preview of travel services respectively
  • Buddy photo share feature enables a face recognition service for faster communication
  • Best photo technology lets you grab the best pictures in a continuous shot option
  • Latest Android OS and Easy Mode features also adds up to the qualities of this invention
  • It also has a Game hub and Dropbox that provides a detailed layout of gaming and connections worldwide

Through Samsung the changes in the technological sphere has revolutionized completely by offering the latest introductions and inventions for every age group. The features of this smartphone can be utilized by the people of every age group. Sharing through social media and other social hubs has become relatively easier with these features that are convenient to use and makes almost all the tasks attainable. Buying Samsung is a wise choice that further simplifies your experience of viewing as well as connecting to the loved ones.