Samsung Galaxy S5 Specification – The best which Smartphone can offer

A Smartphone has become very popular in today’s world. We cannot imagine a single day without a smart phone. It not only help us in making calls but Smartphone comes with so many useful features such as we can play music, find out direction through GPS, keep the track of our contacts and appointments, can take snaps etc.  We can also install various apps on Smartphone to multiply the use of the phone. Samsung is one of the best leading Smartphone companies in India. Among the various models of Samsung, Galaxy S5 is the best Smartphone produced by Samsung electronics. In the section below we will discuss about the Samsung Galaxy S5 Specification.

samsung S5

Benefits of Samsung Galaxy S5

It comes with various features and benefits. They are

  • Prompt auto focus facility – this helps the users to capture action or movement in focus very easily without missing the important moments any further.
  • Selective focus – through the help of selective focus option you can take a picture and focus on the most important object on it and blurring the rest of the picture. You can highlight the main object with definite detailing.
  • Heart rate sensor – the Samsung Galaxy S5 is the first phone with a heart rate sensor option. This option allows the users to measure their heart rate directly on the phone. So you can easily check your heart rate anytime and manage your health condition accordingly.
  • HDR option – during the time of taking photos you can turn on this option. When you are taking photos in a shaded place or in strong counter light this option helps you to provide a natural color and light picture brightly.
  • Water and dust resistant – Galaxy S5 is an IP67 certified smart phone. It is resistant to sand, liquid, dust, sweat and rain so your phone is safe and protected and it is made to last for a long period of time.
  • Power saving option – there is an option available in this phone known as power saving mode option. It helps the users to save and extend the life of the battery. When required the ultra power saving mode automatically changes the screen from black to white and shuts down the avoidable features to reduce the power consumption.

With the above mentioned Samsung Galaxy S5 Specification we come to know about so many great features of the phone. All this facilities makes it the best Smartphone in India.


Samsung Customer Care Services Always Rank High for Customer’s Benefit

In order to earn fame in the marketing world the first and foremost thing you need to prioritise is to maintain customer’s good rapport. But you must be happy to know that Samsung Customer Care is worldwide famous for its non-challenging top notch quality of service to satisfy the customers from every corner of the world. Apart from many other essential features of the product it is also an important factor for it.

This service typically focuses on the well being of our diversified range of customers before and after the purchase of the product. The primary goal is to give them priority by offering different types of beneficial cost-effective services. In fact the dedicated responsiveness and delivery of service on time with sincerity helps a lot to make the product of Samsung unique and user friendly. The customer service of Samsung is the phenomenal because of their certain distinguished features.

  • convenient accessibility
  • courtesy
  • mutual interaction
  • consideration

Non-challenging Performances of Samsung Customer Care:-

  • Always available to satisfy your all type of queries regarding warranty, repair service and many other general or technical support.
  • Sole intention is to project and maintain our customer rapport by a number of services like web designing, software development and many more.
  • Extremely and explicitly determined to enhance the satisfaction of our different customers and often surpass their expectation.
  • Determining on new innovative techniques to provide them more high quality of services, advantageous product and reasonable price rate.
  • Includes software updates, upgrades, patches and drivers.
  • Always produce a long lasing positive impact and feelings on our customer.
  • Helps to keep your electronic device or machine running smoothly 24 hours without any malfunction and keeps updated- this is the most important function
  • Conducts live chat instantly at the matter of urgency.
  • Offers absolutely 100% reliability and ensures our safety and security.
  • Through its Email support you can share your any product related view or issue directly to the product specialist.


Samsung Customer Care is the perfect media to settle down your unwanted disturbances easily at any point of time. You may contact it in online through mails or live chat. Thus it has become a very easy and useful way to express our complaints feedback regarding any products of Samsung so that they can take urgent and necessary steps for you.