Tips To Choose The Best Samsung Mobile Phones


Samsung truly is a market leader as far as the smartphones market goes. The enhancements to the several platforms and applications deserves applause in all aspects. It is important to note in this aspect that while there are enough smartphone providers in the market, choosing Samsung over others will provide you a competitive edge as well as provide you the needed recognition in the society.

The greatest attribute is the easy and lucid functioning of the several models that makes it a forerunner and a thought leader in the market of smartphones in all accounts. However, there has to be some intuitive planning done for choosing the best equipped Samsung smartphones in the market.

Understanding of the fundamentals


It is true that Samsung Galaxy 4 and 3 has ruled the market for all these years due to its fluidity and enhanced platforms. However, making a close assessment of the different available solutions will enable you to choose the Best Samsung mobile phones purchase in all accounts

  • You have to pay adherence to the latest android version that is available and Galaxy S5 is a testimony to that. It is much better packaged than its predecessors
  • The enhancement of the camera that is aimed at providing clearer as well as faster snaps
  • Scanner of fingerprints makes it the most secure galaxy phone made ever.

The backup of the battery


While choosing any Samsung smartphones, the battery backup should be your prime concern. It can be said in this aspect that

  • Galaxy S5 provides a larger as well as a quick processor
  • The design of it is altered to meet the rampant use of the different applications in place
  • It also has provisions for 2GB RAM as well as 2800 MAH removable battery

Vibrant screen



There is no doubt that the enhanced biometrics with a screen that is extended to 5.1 inches makes it one of the fascinating smartphones available in the market. It is precisely for this reason it is rated as one of the Best Samsung mobile phones due to its enhanced features and designing aptitude.

The great speed and the applicability of the platform to multiple user’ demand makes it a fascinating gadget in all accounts. The greatest attribute of Samsung S5 is the value that it provides to your daily activities of professional and personal significance. It gives you the perfect pedestal to boost your effectiveness in social acumen in the perfect manner. Get one today and behave as a winner.



The Samsung J2 Is A Good Phone Within A Medium Budget


If you are interested to buy a Samsung touchscreen phone within a medium budget of about 8K to 9K you can look at the features of Samsung J2.

The design and build of Samsung J2:


If you are looking for new design features on the Samsung J2 then you are probably going to be disappointed. It is just another Samsung phone if you look at it from the front. The display is the same with curved edges with a chrome finish. All budget phones of this genre have the same build and design and thus it might be time for Samsung to change its look in order to appeal to the younger audience. On the rear panel is the customary 5 Mp camera and the LED flash with the speaker under them. The Samsung logo along with the word Duos is just beside it.



Samsung J2 has a 4.7-inch screen with Super Amoled display with a resolution of 960 into 540 pixels and a ppi of 234. The device is not full HD and this is where it fails as the top-notch phone that it otherwise is. Still, the display is a great part of the device. It shows colours very strongly which makes it a very vivid screen as there is the Amoled panel installed in it. It does not have an automatic mode which will adjust your light settings if you step out into the bright sun. There is no scratch-proof quality about the screen and touchscreen is pretty decent.


Samsung J2 has an Android 5.1 which was the latest version of the software when the phone was launched. Samsung has developed its own user interface which is the Touchwiz Software and it offers a notification drop menu which you can customize according to your needs. Samsung has not provided custom apps that will take up space on your phone and will be useless to you otherwise. It also has a Smart Manager which will give you manage your phone memory and free up space when you need it.


This phone’s overall performance is quite good and there have been no such issues with the performance as such. Its processor is Exynos Quad core and it has a 1 GB Ram. Though there were no major issues there was some smoothness need to switch between two apps. The call quality was good and no call drops were experienced as such. It supports 4G as well.