Read at Glance: A Quick Guide on Mumble Server


Mumble server at this moment improves in other voice chat applications especially for games that offer quite some advantages. It is optimized for low-expectancy communications and making all perfect for hectic game situations where there is a count for every second. At the most, it automatically normalizes the voices of the people, so they do not have to handle with volume levels. It also has the support for positional audio for a variety of popular games, so that people can hear another player’s voice coming from opposite character’s location in the game. Moreover, the advantages do not stop there as it automatically reduces noise and optimizes sound quality at the equal time. Also, it is known for its robust and certificate-based security. To find out more, the elements and specifics are explained in further reading.

Low Latency

The low latency of mumble server is one of the biggest advantages that have been noticed. In the tests and researches were done, latency seemed very similar to a regular phone call. The mumble’s audio setup wizard helps people to tune latency to the appropriate value for the sound hardware. If people are playing an online game, then being able to communicate at real-time speeds is a big advantage too. It can make the difference between dodging an incoming attack and hearing about it while the other character is already bleeding on the floor.

Automatic Volume Regulation

The mumble server also adjusts every user’s volume level for the people automatically. Mumble eliminates the pointless and awkward noisiness and business on the server. Mumble’s automatic gain control feature works automatically for a longer time as much as every user wants to. As people have their microphone volume at a high enough level, the audio setup wizard guides through that part automatically.

Positional Audio

Mumble server works with any game, but it includes individual plugins for the same. If people are using Mumble with a supported version, then all can activate positional audio and get the full and explicit version. Mumble server includes plugins for a variety of popular games, and people can find the complete list of supported working process on the Mumble server.

How to Test Mumble

For testing mumble, one needs to open a command line and run the following command. Next, the confirmation of the installation and the application needs to be done that would appear on the system. Then, give it a run and make sure everything works in synchronization.

Closing Lines

Therefore, by reading this reader piece, people can know about the mumble server, its benefits, and some important elements as well.


Samsung Smart Watch – A New Age Time Machine


Samsung has completely changed the conception of wearing watches in recent times. Samsung Smart Watch is designed to wear not only as an accessory on your wrist but also acts as a connectivity device between your phone and watch. Samsung has launched many smart watches from which here are details of few of them. Some of which are listed below to help buyers to check the difference and get what is best suited for them.

Various smart watches from Samsung


  • Gear S2 – This smart watch by Samsung is designed in circle form with stainless steel body. It just perfectly fits around the wrist to give a sleek look. It comes with interchangeable watch face to match up with any occasion. You can enjoy all essential features of your smart phone with a simple twist of the bezel, like from listening to your favorite songs, keeping updated about your health and many more.
  • Gear S –This stylish smart watch comes with AMOLED display to be fitted comfortably around your wrist. It comes with changeable faces to go with your style. You can enjoy brilliant views with easy to use interface and can check all your notifications on the go. It is a perfect accessory which acts as a coach for you in your fitness regime. With this watch you can enjoy all those things without carrying a smart phone in your hand.
  • Gear 2 neo –Samsung Smartwatch Gear 2 neo has invented a stylish watch with changeable straps to match with your outfits and moods. It also comes with features like other smart watches of its genre to let you enjoy all smart phone features hands free. It also comes with Water and dust protection which makes a plus point for buying this device.


Some of the smart watches from Samsung are compatible with TV; which let users have control over their TV viewing experience by imitating the smart watch as a remote. These smart watches can also act as your coach, to help you stay motivated in your fitness regime.

The Enterprise Mobility Solutions From Samsung



The Samsung products are the most endured products in the telecom market. The enterprise mobility solution is a concept which offers exceptional flexibility for the employees to access their required data wherever they want it. They are able to do so by using various Samsung products like mobiles, laptops, printers and other accessories. The mobility solutions have gained tremendous popularity in every sector starting from education to healthcare. The enterprise mobility solutions have eliminated the constraints of distance and today in corporate as well as in government sector, people have started admiring this concept. Samsung has expanded its wings to every sector like government, education, healthcare, Information and Technology etc. The machines developed by Samsung are extremely efficient and are compatible to take the advantages of mobility solutions to the fullest extent.

The benefits of mobility solutions

There are many products that are incorporated with the mobility solutions;

  • Mobile phones: Mobile phones today have become an essential gadget for all the people. The Smartphone are widely used by everyone especially in the corporate sector. The mobile phones are serving multiple purposes, like making a presentation, connecting with people in real time basis, tracking or monitoring etc. The mobile technology has developed as today’s mobile sets have modern features like proximity sensors, accelerators etc. Samsung develops it all with android OS, windows OS etc.
  • Computers or Laptops: Computers and laptops are beacons of the modern world that are kept for maintaining the records and also for keeping updates. Computers have greater reliability than the mobile phones. The RAM and the memory are more and also much secured than the mobile data.
  • Printers: The printers of Samsung are one of the best. They are widely used in the healthcare, government and education sectors. The digital printers are very useful in cutting down the printing cost and are very helpful in making reports. Samsung printers with cutting edge technology enable people to access printing devices from remote locations as well.
  • Accessories: There are various accessories available in the Samsung mobility enterprise collections. The accessories do nothing but enhance the workability of the devices. The devices become more and more useful with the accessories.

The Samsung mobility solutions have the ability to improve workability. Concepts like remote computer access, Pocket clouding, virtual office networking, mobile virtualization, groupware etc have made the enterprise mobility collections of Samsung even formidable. With Samsung’s mobility people are able to communicate, collaborate and share, easily and securely like never before. People are also able to get immense help in devising their business intelligence strategies as well.

Points To Consider While Buying Samsung Galaxy J5


Middle range segments of Samsung smartphones are gaining excellent popularity in the marketplace. People, who wish to buy a device from a reliable brand, choose Samsung over other available options. Preference by people is based on several quality elements, which Samsung has offered to people. Therefore, the company has also focused on launching brilliant line of handsets under mid-budget segment. Samsung Galaxy J5 is one interesting example to mention in this field. Exclusive and device specific features attached to this device have helped people to think beyond the basic idea of just having a phone. The popularity of phones is nowadays for what all additional they can do in the name of communication advancement.


The device has a marvellous 5 inches of display and powerful 13MP camera. The interesting thing about the handset is that it has 5MP front camera hence people can enjoy their selfie mania in most intersting manner. 1.2 GHZ of processor of the device makes it a powerful stuff and helps people to have an amazing handset usage experience. Latest version of android 5.1 and 1.5 GB of RAM are some of the really impressive features, which no one can overlook.

All you need to do is read the existing reviews of the product.Explore its in-depth and specific features and compare if it meets your requirements in best ways. You can always look for available discount options to make the buy more interesting for you. This will help you to have interesting and exciting experience of shopping for your favorite smartphone. Acting rational and taking smart steps towards purchasing the device that is going to be integral part of your life is very much recommended. Little things add big time to your idea of having the best smartphone.


Samsung Galaxy J5 can be bought from any of the authentic Samsung stores and online too. Apart from official website of the device, you can purchase the same from various web based gadget stores, which are dedicated to offer world class products to the users on discounted prices. It is important to make sure that you enter into a credible store, having fair image for serving world class users in most interesting manner. Choosing the credible store also offers you excellent customer care support if there is any problem with the purchase. Hence, all you require to do is, stay active and keep an eye on the interesting discount options.

Who Says Slim Phones Are Not Powerful Smart Phones ?


Many people think that if you are carrying a slim phone then that phone is not a smart phone. But such is not the case? Slim phones can be powerful smart phones. Well if you do not believe in it then you should owe the Samsung galaxy grand prime phone with you. This phone has 8.6mm depth and it is super slim, so that you could carry it any where. But at the same time it comes with a 12.4cm or rather 5 qHD display; along with it also provide you with powerful, an unmatched performance. If you do not believe in it then you could have a look at the features of this phone.

The Features Of The Galaxy Grand Prime

The new Samsung galaxy grand prime phone comes with many exciting features because of which it is said that this phone has both style and power. These are the following features of this phone:

  • If you want speed in your phone then you should have this phone with you because it comes with a 1.2 GHz quad core processor. This not only gives you speed but at the same time you can also multi task in your smart phone. Thus, this particular feature of this phone makes the phone a very powerful phone.
  • Most of the time when you are capturing selfies you could not capture most of the background because your phone does not allow you to do that. But new Samsung Grand prime has 85 degrees of wide angles. With the help of these features you could capture not only a large part of the background but at the same you could also have many friends in your selfie. And the best part is that the megapixel of the front camera of this phone is 5. Thus the selfies that are being captured are one of a kind.
  • If you are having a smart phone then you will always have to carry a charger along with you. But the grand prime comes with a 2600 mAH battery power because of which you could easily carry on with any work without worrying much about the battery life. Thus this phone has all those features in it that will make this phone a powerful phone. And thus people like it very much and there is a great demand for it too.

Features Of The Samsung Galaxy S6 Smart Phone Outclasses All


Samsung is has been the front-runner in the manufacture of smart phones for many years now. Every once in a while they are releasing models that are way ahead of others in design and features. The latest model to hit the market is very powerful and very well designed. This model has been the culmination of a lot of research and development which the company has been able to incorporate in the model. The creation of this model has bid goodbye to the use of plastics which had been a vulnerable area in the manufacture of mobile phones.

Smart phone features


The prime features of the Samsung Galaxy S6 far outweighs the absence of a micro SD slot or user-replaceable battery are combinations of metal with glass to produce a high-class product. Other features are,-

  • Android Lollipop ver. 5.0.2 operating system
  • Cortex 8-core processor with 4×2.1 GHz A-57 cores and 4×1.5 GHz A-53 cores
  • Exynos 7420 chipset
  • Mali T760 MP8 graphics processor
  • 1 inch AMOLED touch screen
  • 3 GB RAM
  • 16 Megapixel rear mounted camera with LED flash
  • 5 Megapixel front mounted camera
  • A choice of 32 or 64 or 128 GB internal storage
  • 2,550 mAh internal battery
  • Support for NFC, HDMI, 3G and 4G
Design factors considered


Instead of incorporating the run-of–the-mill solutions that are present in other models, the main considerations when designing the smart phone was,-

  • Plastic body replaced by metal body for more sturdiness
  • Two glass panels to give the smart phone an upmarket look while keeping the weight down
  • Flattened sides provide a much better grip while the glass is not too slippery
  • The controls are very well located at the sides. The Back and Task Switcher buttons on the left side can be easily operated by the finger
  • The volume can be increased or decreased by two metal keys on the left side while the power/ lock key is located on the right side along with the SIM tray that pops out easily.
  • The ports are conveniently located at the bottom of the phone
  • No removable covers to ensure that nothing comes loose at the back
A flawless design


The stress on design of the Samsung Galaxy S6 has been more on the importance of user experience than anything else. There are no removable parts adding to the ease of use. The handling experience is superb, while the experience of using the 16 MP and the 5MP camera for selfies is a class of its own.

Best Washing Machine In India From Samsung

washing machine

Can you imagine your life without a washing machine doing all the laundry work for hours? We know the answer. No one can imagine a life without the help of these machines. They have eased our life so much. Well it has been a more than a decade since the introduction of washing machine in our lives and it still has the importance.

Researchers are working more and more on manufacturing the best washing machine in India that will not only help us do our laundry in lesser time but also provide some extra benefit which is not possible manually.

Features of washing machine that is offered by Samsung

Coming to washing machine providers, Samsung is an eminent brand in the field of electronics. We all know the basic features of washing machines and hence we are not going to discuss about it much. Let us take a look at what new technology Samsung has implemented in to its washing machines to gives us the ultimate one.

  • Eco bubble technology- Samsung has introduced this technology in the washing machines which helps you wash your dirty clothes by saving the bills. It lets you wash a huge load in low temperature and hence saving a lot of energy. The bubbles help in activating the detergent which thus penetrates into the dirt removing it. This cleaning process can be done even in water which has a temperature of 15 degree Celsius.
  • Power cleaning- Now cleaning will be even easier with this technology. You can do your laundry in less than an hour. This technology uses speed spray which rinses the clothes more powerfully. Other than rigorous rinsing, it also accelerates the spin so that the washing is completed in 59 minutes.
  • Air Wash- One of the complaints that we also have is that there is a damp odor in the clothes if we forget to take them out for drying for a couple for hours. The Air wash technology will help in sanitizing your clothes and making it odor free. With the help of just heated air and no other harsh chemicals, the bacteria and unpleasant smells are banished away far away.
  • Bubble Soak- This is the one which will remove all the aggressive stains from your clothes. With the press of the button, the clothes would be soaked into the bubbles which will help in loosening of the stain dirt.

best washing machine in India