The New Addition In The Note Family: Galaxy Note 4 Review


In the year of 2011, Samsung launched the Note series which was a mix of phone and a tablet. Hence the very popular phablet of Samsung with 5.3 inch screen was released. Needless to say, it became a huge success. People loved the big screen and enjoyed the videos and movies on it.4 years from it, Samsung has launched the fourth member of the series, Samsung Galaxy Note 4. To know about the phablet in detail, read on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 review.

Features at a glimpse



  • Screen- Samsung has never limited the size of the screen. Instead it has always pushed out the size of their models. Keeping the size of the Note 3 intact, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 also came with a screen size of 5.7 inch. Though the size is same as its predecessor, the quality has been improved lot. The screen of Note 4 boasts Quad HD and Super AMOLED technology. The pixel per inch that is given by the screen is 500 and hence you can see everything with detailed precision.
  • Design- The complain with Samsung phones is the plastic look of the phone which is why Samsung has decided to give the Note 4 a premium finish to it. There is a metal rim which surrounds the handset giving it a feel of protection. The feel of this phone in hand is much better than the Note 3. It is also lighter and you will feel the difference by holding it in your hand
  • Special features- Some of the exciting features of the S5 has been implemented in this phablet as well. The most notable among them is the heart rate monitor. The back has been kept with the faux leather feel that Samsung has made a cliché with the launch of the Note 3.
  • S pen- The S pen is the most impressive thing that comes with the Note 4. The stylus made a comeback with the Note series and after four devices the usage of it made a lot more sense. To start with there are two new options that has been included in the new version. The two options are fountain and highlighter. The fountain is the most interesting between the two because of the reason that it shows more use. The new stylus S pen gives you the feel of writing on the paper.

Note 4 Fits Into Individuals Palm Quite Easily

A phone must be sleek and light in weight so that the users do not face any difficulty in carrying the phone. If you have a phone that has been bothering you for quite some time due to the weighty issue and the size, you can buy Samsung Galaxy Note 4. The phone is designed such a way, that it will easily fit into your palm in spite of a big screen. You can easily carry the phone in your pocket. The frame is narrow too and gives a wonderful feeling to the user. The phone is compact in form.

Available features in the phone
note 4
Your chosen smartphone must have all the latest features. If you purchase Note 4, you will get outstanding picture quality.

•    The screen size is 5.7 inch with super AMOLED display.
•    It has two camera- one front camera of 3.7MP and rear camera of 16MP.
•    Crisp and clear image is assured when you click image from the phone.
•    Fast charging capacity.
•    Ultra power charging mode available.
•    Advanced S PEN is given with the phone for digital handwriting. You can write on your phone important things and can set the alarm accordingly for a reminder.

Other specifications in the phone

Smartphone of various companies are providing alluring features to the customers. But if you choose Samsung for buying a smartphone, then you will have the access to many applications that are user friendly and have been developed recently to meet the requirements of the buyer.

•    The phone is built of polycarbonate material.
•    This phone runs on Android 4.2.2 Jellybean, the latest OS.
•    The battery life is long, and the music player can run up to 82 hours.
•    Camera is excellent with the capacity of HD video and recording of image at the same time.
•    Multitasking possible with an ease.

Cost is the prime factor

Before buying anything, the very first thing that comes to the mind of the buyer is the price. Price indeed plays an important role. You might be concerned about the same issue, but if you keep your eyes on the online shopping portals, you will have the idea of how much you need to pay for buying Note 4. The price of the phone is around 42000/-. You can avail discounts from the online shopping stores as this stores keeps on giving discounts almost every month to attract customers. Easy installment scheme is available in the Samsung e-stores too. You can choose the scheme that will suit you and enjoy unlimited chatting session by using your new phone.