Why You Should Choose The All New Samsung Galaxy J-Series?


When Samsung launched the all new Galaxy J3 2016 edition in the month of April, it reposed its successes on the S-Bike approach; a “hardware and software elucidation to not only broadcast responsible riding but then again also make sure a tension free ride.” Established in Samsung’s Indian R&D centers, the S-Bike Mode geared in the direction of bringing biking as well as mobility together. Recently, the company extended its J series collection with the launch of the novel Galaxy J7 and Galaxy J5 2016 editions. To be precise, these phones are greater to the Galaxy J3 2016 along with the Galaxy J7 and Galaxy J5 of the previous year, and yet they don’t show up in any manner in the ever expanding cosmos of mid-range smartphones. The Galaxy J7 and Galaxy J5 2016 versions give out the same old feeling back again. Moreover, that’s not inevitably a good thing.

How Samsung Is Improving Day By Day?

Samsung has without a doubt been making some good-looking headsets ever since the Galaxy S6 came up. It’s pleasant to see Samsung enduring with the trend in its mid-range as well as affordable smartphone section as well. Which means Samsung’s higher mid-range Galaxy A and lower mid-range Galaxy J line-up smartphones look just alright, nay better as contrasting to say its handsets from two years ago. It’s harmless to say that the Galaxy J5 and J7 2016 versions retain Samsung’s new-found feel-good feature. Both the mobile phones look (and feel) much better than the Galaxy J3 2016 in each sense of the word.

Metal Finished Phones

Boasting of an all the plastic body, the back of these handsets comes with a brushed metal finish that appears metal from afar, whereas in the hands, the finish enhances a much-needed comfort component to them. The Galaxy J5 and J7 2016 editions seemed quite sturdy as well as well put together in our transitory usage. The back panel is removable, but then again the battery isn’t. The outer frame is made up of metal which adds ups to the handsets’ premium quotient. The rear sort of eases into the frame, whereas chamfers on the front make sure the device stays placed in your hand.


On the whole, both the recently launched Samsung Galaxy j7 and j5 have certainly wowed people who are looking to purchase mid-range smartphones geared with all the newest features that are user-friendly as well.