Samsung Smart Watch – A New Age Time Machine


Samsung has completely changed the conception of wearing watches in recent times. Samsung Smart Watch is designed to wear not only as an accessory on your wrist but also acts as a connectivity device between your phone and watch. Samsung has launched many smart watches from which here are details of few of them. Some of which are listed below to help buyers to check the difference and get what is best suited for them.

Various smart watches from Samsung


  • Gear S2 – This smart watch by Samsung is designed in circle form with stainless steel body. It just perfectly fits around the wrist to give a sleek look. It comes with interchangeable watch face to match up with any occasion. You can enjoy all essential features of your smart phone with a simple twist of the bezel, like from listening to your favorite songs, keeping updated about your health and many more.
  • Gear S –This stylish smart watch comes with AMOLED display to be fitted comfortably around your wrist. It comes with changeable faces to go with your style. You can enjoy brilliant views with easy to use interface and can check all your notifications on the go. It is a perfect accessory which acts as a coach for you in your fitness regime. With this watch you can enjoy all those things without carrying a smart phone in your hand.
  • Gear 2 neo –Samsung Smartwatch Gear 2 neo has invented a stylish watch with changeable straps to match with your outfits and moods. It also comes with features like other smart watches of its genre to let you enjoy all smart phone features hands free. It also comes with Water and dust protection which makes a plus point for buying this device.


Some of the smart watches from Samsung are compatible with TV; which let users have control over their TV viewing experience by imitating the smart watch as a remote. These smart watches can also act as your coach, to help you stay motivated in your fitness regime.